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KNO3 Substitute

I need to add addtional nitrate to my 40gal (UK) tank.  My tapwater has
40ppm and I do a 10gal change every week to get a 'free'  10ppm slug but I
am getting  a zero reading by the end of the week.  I use the Dupla product
line so more water changes would prove costly for the tablets and Duplagan
and, to be honest, I think I'm doing my duty at once every week  I've toured
the local garden centres and the stump removers here in England  all seem to
be Ammonium Sulphamate, no KNO3 in sight.  So, I am open to suggestions for
a substitute?

One option I am considering is a liquid supplement made by Kent called Pro
Plant which contains 1% Nitrogen as Sodium Nitrate , plus undisclosed
amounts of Magnesium and Boron.  How much of this would I need to get a 5ppm
hit of nitrate in my tank (50 US gal,/190 litres)?  Is the sodium content
likely to cause any problems? Could I have excess Magnesium and/or Boron
through using this stuff?