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So many people on this list have been so helpful with my recent
inquiries for the new tank setup I was doing (to REPLACE my 125 gallon),
today I've posted pictures of the new tank (3 days of setup worth) on my
site for those who are curious about how it turned out..

SITE: http://www.myfishbox.com/members/ggooden

It's a 135 Gallon with all flourite, wet/dry, 400watts lighting. 

All I can say is; after getting the plants in and then the lighting,
stepping back and looking at it... I was overtaken with happiness. It
really turned out a LOT better than I had hoped!

As a result of following the "less is more" when it comes to
aquascaping; If you are local to Los Angeles, I happen to have a LOT of
spare plants sitting in a moist water cooler including;

- Tons of Jungle Val (and I mean a LOT!)
- Cabomba Carolina
- Green Hygro cuttings
- Rotala Indica 
- Several gorgeous "show Barteri" (decided not to use them in the new

I'm not sure they'd make it through mailing. I took them out of my OLD
tank 3 days ago (but well wrapped in wet newspaper in an ice chest) and
they were re-wetted last night when I did my "tank planting". 

Thank you to ALL of you who have helped me with this new tank quest! I
feel like a proud pappa! :)

I can't wait till the NEXT new tank! Lol..