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5000k CF

Hey all,

    just found a 5000K screw in CF. I can get it at Home depot faily cheap.


It seems to have a cover on it. I wonder if I should remove it? I am
planning a  40L tank - open top. I was going to go high tech, but we have to
buy a new car. So Im looking to go cheap DIY, which is what I know how to do
any way. The bulbs are 15 watt (60 watt equivalent), If I want to acheive 3
watts per gallon, that would mean two bulbs, but, since its open top, I wont
have the bulbs right at the surface. Is there a math genius that can tell me
how close to the tank 4 bulbs would be placed to approximate 3 watts per
gallon? Or is 2 watts/gallon more appropriate, being that I will be using
yeast. BTW, What is that stump remover stuff everyone is using for K?

Thanks again...maybe this will help some other DIYer too...