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light level recommendation

I am thinking of buying either a 2x13 bright kit from AHSupply, or a 1x13.  
This is going to be an add-on for a 20L with an Eclipse 3(?) hood (i know, 
not the best for plants, but it really works well in this situation).  The 
tank has been running with just the two 18 (?) watt bulbs for maybe seven 
months now, and currently only has crypts, mosses, and java ferns.  I would 
like, though, to have something more (i really like didiplis diandra, but 
experimentation has proven that this tank doesn't have enough light).  I'm 
going to make something so that I'll either have the current 36 watts plus 
13, or plus 26.  What I want to know from you guys is, considering how 
shallow this tank is (3" of flourite making even shallower), will 49 be 
enough? Or do I need 64?  Since it is small, and right now just has 
low-light plants, it just gets Flourish Excell, TMG, and PMDD.  No CO2 
injection.  I would like to stick with these same ferts, though I know 
they'll have to change in amounts and frequency with more lights / different 
plants.  Anyway, considering what I've got (and as wordy and repetetive as 
I've been, I certainly hope I've covered all the bases), do I need to add 13 
or 26 watts?

Thanks in advance,
Cameron in AL

P.S.  forgot the fish load...nearly zero...seven to ten heterandria formosa 
and an unknown number of fry, but as they are all SO tiny, the snails have a 
bigger impact

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