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Re: Hair Algae and FFF

> On Jordanella floridae: my experience shows me they are highly variable in
> their temperament. I have had some that had to be pulled because they
> harassed/injured a lot of other fish, and I have some now that are as mellow
> as the day is long.

I have two that are so mellow that sometimes I wonder if they are even
flagfish! Where is their dignity, for Pete's Sake? ;-) I have noticed,
though, they these two are also less concerned with algae than the
glowing reports that I hear on the APD about them. Is there any
relationship between their temperament and their interest in algae? I
also wonder if they were treated with less than great conditions from
the LFS where I got them. Not my usual choice in LFS, but I went there
this once because they had them. Any relationship known out there
between conditions of treatment, temperament, and interest in algae?

Ed Dumas