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Noon-time Thurderstorms and Cloudy Days

Who believes in and practices mid-day or weekly lights out rest cycles?

What cycles do you practice?  Daily or weekly or both?  Once a day or
multiple times a day?  How long do you leave the lights off for?

I have a Custom Sealife Prism Pendant over a 54 gal AGA corner tank.  This
fixture has one 175W 10000K metal halide and a pair of 32W 10000K compact
flourescents. (over 4 Watts/gal, lot's of light but a deep tank, 27") Since
the two types of lights are on separate seven day electronic timers, this
would allow all sorts of lighting combinations over the course of a day or
week.  I currently run the Co-Flos 11 1/2 hours per day and the metal halide
10 1/2 h/day, with a 1/2 hour dawn and twilight of just Co-Flos.  If nothing
else this blows the heat out of the fixture before lights out.

Since I think I've now figured out the proper dose of super triple phosphate
(STP) for my tank, I'm planning on experimenting with a "thunderstorm" for
the next month or two.  The problems I'm attempting to solve are too much
green spot algae and a persistent blackening of all but the very tips of
Heteranthera zosterifolia.  I'm thinking the light is just too much for the
poor thing. Other tank parameters below.

Joe K

3.5< KH< 4
4< GH <5 (add a little epson salt and CaSO4 weekly)
Pressured CO2 on a controller set to pH=6.8
2 mL Flourish Iron daily
1 capful Flourish Trace or 2 ml Flourish daily
1/4 teaspoon KNO3 twice a week.
4 grains pulverized STP twice a week.
25% water changes every other week