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Ameca splendens

Hello eveyone,

there's been a recent outburst of green thread algae mostly my falut since i
leave the lights on too long..(i want to see my tank when i get up and after
i come hoem from work) I saw some ameca splendends at one of my LFS labeled
as goodieds, something like that, there were a tank full 20+ another store
labeled them ameca splendens they had 10+ they were all sold the next day, i
took a few pictures of my 'before' tank 2 hours ago, after adding '7' of
them into my tank they're attacking the green thread algae already, i
currently also have discus in the tank and I used to have FFF's in my tank
and they were quite aggressive towards my other fish, i don't seem to see
that (so far since it's only been a few hours) but they seem to get along
with my discus and other fish,

My main question, although no response was about keeping discus and ameca
splendends together.. talked to a few people off list and they said they
didn't have any problems, so i decided to give it a try and post my

I'll post some after pictures in a few days just for myself to observe the
differences, I've got a quite a bit of the green thread algae in my tank, I
wonder how long it will take them to clean it up, from what they've done so
far I believe it'll be a few days max then i'll have to start feeding them
other foods, (which is good gives my discus a few days of starving so i can
introduce a new food for them)

side note (1): my e. red flame sent out a runner few days ago with 3 nodes
so i should get 3 plantlets from them if i keep the runner under water
instead of it drying up after reaching my light,
side note (2): my discus pair bred for their 3rd time, 1st time was in the
planted tank then i moved them into my breeding tank,(2.5)after adding the
new fish one of my discus which normally hides when people walk by the tank
is always swimming out into the open
side note (3): is there an automatic feeder which feeds more than 4x daily
say 8x? my eheim feeds 4x my nutramatic feeds 2x ($10 CND difference) I use
them for conditioning my fish not for vacation. although when I head to
school and work i can't really feed them

thanks everyone in advance for their response

Raymond Wong