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Re: Small Crypts

The smallest (or at least the smallest you are likely to find for sale) are 
Cryptocoryne parva.  http://users.bart.nl/~crypts/Gallery/par/par.html is a 
good place for info, but in short (no pun intended) it is generally no 
taller than 6 cm. It is reportedly easy to cultivate, but fairly rare in the 
aquarium trade.  My own experiences finding it (haven't grown it) back that 
up. I've recently been looking for this, and the only place that I have seen 
that actually has any is Aquabotanic.  I don't know if they have any right 
now, but if they do, trust me...you probably won't find it (unless special 
order) anywhere else with any frequency (among online sellers).  As soon as 
I come up with a little disposable cash, C. parva from Aquabotanic will be 
my first purchase.  BTW, for other crypt info, the address above is VERY 
thorough, and there is also a crypt specific mailing list.

Cameron in AL

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