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nickel allergy

Jerry Baker wrote:
> I don't want to be rude or anything, but I can't
> imagine being allergic to nickel and/or cobalt. Can I ask
> you what happens if you come in contact with nickel coins
> (such as the nickel)? Those really blue glasses are made
> blue by cobalt also. I couldn't imagine having to
> check everything for its ingredients before I touched it 
> - I empathize with you situation. I don't want to be rude,
>  but just curious.

I too have expereinced this sort of allergy.   A lot of people have 
allergies to certain metals at high exposure.  I, for example, cannot 
wear a leather watch-band, because the leather in direct prolonged 
contact with my wrist causes me to react to the chromium used in 
some tanning processes.  I get this lovely raised, raw welt, right 
where the band touches. Yet I've never had trouble from leather 
jackets or gloves. It depends on the tanning used.  Nickel allergy 
bother a lot of people with pierced ears, and I've spent time helping 
a friend coat her eye-glasses frames in clear nail polish because of 
the nickel before.
	Here's some info about nickel allergies:

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