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Re; Tom Barr FAQ

2 more reasons Tom can add to his list of why he continues to respond to
basic questions:

1- repetion may be needed to overcome wrong perceptions.
When I set my plant tank up 2 LFS's that had wonderful planted display tanks
told me I would need to use RO water in order to be successful (of course,
they sell the stuff).  The first few months were miserable.  Tom and, in all
fairness, others on the list convinced me that the RO water was not helping
the situation.  It was because of constantly repeated statements about the
problems associated with RO that I switched.  The story has a happy ending
for me.  Results in the LFS dispaly tanks has been less desireable and, at
times, woefully inadequate.  For most the LFS is a knowledgeable authority.
When the advice from the LFS is incomplete or wrong it may take repeated
postings by one or postings by several people to convince the unbelieving
aquarist to give this or that a try.

2 - repetition gets the science challenged back on track.
During my first year + with this tank I have changed the program more than
once.  Sometimes unknowingly upsetting the balance in a seemingly unrelated
part of the picture.  Again, repetition of the basics on the list has gotten
me back on track.  When I recently posted a question Neil Frank responded
with, "why are you doing that"?  Didn't have an answer so quit doing it.
Problem solved!

Finally, as Tom said, "4) It helps other folks(that already know a thing or
two) to learn this better and go forth and spread the Gospel of aquatic
plants".  We know have a small informal group in Minneapolis and plants from
each of our tanks are populating others tanks and we communicate locally to
answer some of our basic questions.  I have mailed plants hither and yon.
It's a joy to get to that point.  I would wish that satisfaction for others
and clearly Tom and the list do also.

Jay Reeves

recently at the  LFS - "What??? Your adding PHOSPHATE to your plant tank? "
I said  yes as he was handing me a generous store credit for plants I had
brought in.  LOL