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Re: nickel allergy and Flourish

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Jared Weinberger wrote:

> Of related interest is the fact that SeaChem, by oversight, left Nickel out
> from the first batches (and label) of their product Flourish Trace. Dr.
> Morin told me that it would be added to future batches, but that it would
> probably take a while for the label to reflect the change. Also of interest
> is the change in percent composition of those elements in Trace (vs. the
> Flourish formulation) -- I was told this was to reflect information in
> Diana Walstaad's book, "Ecology of the Planted Tank."

I can confirm this.  Greg mentioned these points in his talk at the
convention back in November (mostly from audience questions!)  There was
also an issue of switching the Calcium-to-magnesium ratio in Flourish
Equilibrium.  All his slides regarding fertilizer referenced Diana's book
at the bottom.  (Yes, I have been watching these talks too many times,
forward, backwards, scrub slowly, ripple delete a blank space here, drop
in a slide here, add a transition effect.  After some 40 hours, strange
sensation... sudden desire to buy entire Seachem product line and fancy
metal Aqua Design Amano triangle-on-a-stick. :)

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com