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Re: Bulbs sold at Walmart

    * From: Chuck H <grendel at usit_net>

>>.....I'm assuming that we're talking about the dried bulbs that come in
>>packs of
6 or so, in which case...

.....The hybrid plants stay smaller than the real Apon. ulvaceous -- the
largest I grew was around 10", avg was about 6" -- and the leaves are
generally not as undate or contorted, but the plant does flower easily and
can grow into a very attractive mini-apon if the bulb is a good one to
begin with.  Another specific difference I noticed between the true A.
ulvaceous and the hybrid is that the flower of the hybrid has a single
spike where the true ulvaceous is reported to have a twin-spiked flower.>>

Arturo Batista sent me a picture of one plant, which certainly could be an
ulvaceous hybrid.  It looked like a picture of the 'compact' form of A.
crispus in Kasselmann.  I have read that there are a lot of hybrids going
around and that it is unusual to get pure A. crispus anymore.  It is
interesting that these bulbs can be dried.  I wonder how many species of
Aponogeton can survive drying.  I know that A. madagascariensis ( lace
plant) can't.  I had A. ulvaceous once---a beautiful plant.  It produced
lots of double-spiked flowers, but there must have some barrier to
self-fertilization, because I never got any seeds in spite of attempts to

Paul Krombholz in clear,frosty central Mississippi