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Review: Florida Driftwood - Follow Up

Well, that little bag held quite a bit! ;-)

Of course there was lots of anacharis, but also some stuff I've never seen. 
Out of the 3 vals, one was a momma plant with 3 flowers. The plant I thought 
was pennywort wasn't. Dunno what it is. Much thicker stems and larger leaves 
than pennywort. 

The pics on these links were taken last night. Not the sharpest, and the 
clouds of Fluorite didn't help any... heh The crypts and lettuce and 
hornwort and lillies are mine from before, but the rest came from Florida 
Driftwood. Filled out this 30g tank nicely. :-) 


Final appraisal? Still a bit expensive, but worth it for starting a new 
tank. I wouldn't have any problem buying from them again if I'm in that