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Re: Florida Driftwood - 1st Impressions

Don sent pictures of his plant order from Florida Driftwood and said,
in part:

>> The plants appear healthy, the stem plants that root above the
> stubstrate 
> all have good roots. No algae that I can see either. 
> . . .  
>I was still kinda 
> disappointed at what seems to be counting each stem as a plant for
> that 
> price. I pay $2 a bunch for the common stem plants, and $3 for the
> less 
> common ones at my local stores. 

I just looked at the 45 plant offer, which is still open on Ebay, and
it says "(45) assorted stems/plants."  So the text of the offer is
literally correct, which we expected -- 45 stems are being offered or
fewer stems but with some other plants totalling 54.  But since "stem"
is often taken as a generic term for a type of plant, it certainly
would be helpful for FloridaDriftwood to state on the web site offer,
"a stem plant means a single stalk about x - y inches long."   Then no
one would be surprised.

When last week I ordered some stem plants from Aquabotanic, I was NOT
surprised to find roughly a half dozen stems wrapped in a bunch and
counted as one item.  That was what I expected even thought,
technically, Aquabotanic could have sent just one stalk for each item
and that would have been literally consistent with the web site text.

Some places refers to some plants as bunch plants -- that's how
so-called stem plants are usually sold, in my experience, but it is not
how they are planted and not a very good description of how they grow. 
I think it has fallen out of the vernacular.

The "E" in "Ebay" stands for "easy does it."  :-/

Scott H. 

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