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Re: Hair Algae and FFF

Hi everyone,
I am just now getting over a hair algae epidemic in a 65 gallon planted tank. 
I have a pair of breeding discus in this tank who until just recently, when I 
moved them to a grow out tank, had 45 babies with them. I had to feed the 
babies heavily, of course, and this put way too much nutrients in the tank.

I pulled a FFF from a tank and added several Amano shrimp and the problem is 
gone/almost gone now. The FFF never made a move on the the eggs or the fry of 
the first spawn.

On Jordanella floridae: my experience shows me they are highly variable in 
their temperament. I have had some that had to be pulled because they 
harassed/injured a lot of other fish, and I have some now that are as mellow 
as the day is long. As a matter of fact, in my 125 I have two that are dither 
fish for a Siamese Fighting Fish that loves nothing more than to flare his 
gills at them and chase them around all day.  They do an excellent job with 
hair algae.  Just watch their personalities.

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