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Re: nickel allergy and Flourish

Neil Frank asks "Jared or anyone else, please report the percent
concentration of Ni and Co in Flourish."

I no longer have a bottle of Flourish Trace around, but (regular) Flourish

Nickel: 0.00036%
Cobalt: 0.0004%

I don't think Dr. Morin would mind if I quote from his reply to my question
about the difference in % composition between Flourish and Trace:

<< For Co, Sn, V and Rb the amount delivered to the tank is the same; we
just adjusted the % in the bottle because of the differing dosing
recommendations (5 mL/20 gallons vs 1 mL/50 gallons). For the others in
common (B, Cu, Mn, Mo, Zn) the amounts and ratios were adjusted in  large
part based on the experimental data provided by Diana Walstads "Ecology of
the Planted Aquarium". >>


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