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Re: Tank ???'s

> 1. How long will the cycling process take with this tank?  I am using a
> cycled canister filter, and I seeded the Flourite with substrate from an
> established tank.

It's pretty much already done if you pack it with plants. The roots will
grow it and you'll be very well cycled. If you do this, add herbivore from
the start, get the nutrients in line. I doubt folks have any problems if
they do this. 

> 2. How long should I wait before I stock the tank with Cardinal or Neon
> Tetras?  How many could I put in my tank?  Which would be a better pick,
> Neons or Cardinals?

Personal opinion. A month or so is plenty.

> 3. How long should I wait before I start a fertilizer-dosing regimen on this
> tank?  Iíve heard you should not start fertilizing for a while.

I add it right off. I also add lots of plants right off.

> 4. Every time I have set up a new tank or refurbished an established tank, I
> have always had a lot of plants die off within the first week.

That's why I add nutrients, CO2 and lighting and lots of herbivores and do
water changes etc.

> Is this due
> to shock from the change?  If plants start dying off in my new tank, how do
> I know if itís due to shock or a lack of nutrients from not fertilizing yet?

Why would they be shocked? They are "shocked" when you move them around in
your tank. New plants grow rapidly and start producing new growth the day I
get mine. Some plants like crypts and sword take longer to get growing due
to the large root systems. I'd say your not adding enough nutrients. Add
KNO3, CO2, traces after a few days and maybe PO4. What's in your tap
Tom Barr