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Review: Florida Driftwood - 1st Impressions

I broke down and ordered one of their "24 plants" deals on eBay. Ended up 
being around $40 with shipping to CA. Figgered that it might be worth trying 
out just to see...

Here are pics of the package that came today:
(sorry about the crappy pics... getting the hang of a new low-end digicam) 

It seems they are mostly stem plants (each stem counts as one plant in the 
"24 plants" deal...) 

I see pennywort, wisteria, a val, foxtail, anacharis, couple of bacopas, and 
a red plant I can't identify yet (not opening the bag till I get home). 

Except for the vals (the leaves of which are all broken), there aren't any 
rooted plants. I expected apons at least. Hmmm.... 

The plants appear healthy, the stem plants that root above the stubstrate 
all have good roots. No algae that I can see either. 

I figured the selection would be common, easily reproduced plants, and would 
depend on what they have lots of at the moment. I was still kinda 
disappointed at what seems to be counting each stem as a plant for that 
price. I pay $2 a bunch for the common stem plants, and $3 for the less 
common ones at my local stores. 

So, buyer beware. Ask what you're getting. I've heard good things about this 
seller from others, so maybe my local selection and pricing is just better 
than the rest of the country. 

They did ship fast, and the communications I had with them prior to the deal 
were friendly, so I may try them again for other stuff. But I don't think 
I'll do plants again from them.