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RE: T. Barr / Plant FAQ

I just wanted to second (or third or forth) the idea 
of the Plant FAQ and that Tom Barr rocks!  

My only thought is, new people continue to find the 
list everyday, so lots of new people have questions.  
Many of these questions are the same and could be 
answered in the archives (though I get a lot of 
errors during searches) of the APD, or certainly by 
reading the info on The Krib.  The problem is -- most 
newbies have immediate questions and have trouble 
making the decision between conflicting info that 
they read.  As we all know, everyone does things 
differently.  A FAQ may not help with that.

Additionally, I think the people that end up 
successful and stay in the hobby, are those people 
that try to figure things out for themselves to some 
degree.  All of us need advice sometimes, but I think 
the challange of doing things ourselves and ending up 
with a great result is why this hobby is fun in the 
first place.

That is one thing that I see different between 
American plant folks and those in the ADA mags... It 
seems to me that the ADA, like many European aquatic 
plant companies, sell a reproducible "system" that 
allows people to get a great looking aquariums right 
away, without so many options and trial/error.  

Granted, I would loose a finger to have some of the 
tanks featured in Aquajournal, but I like my ugly 
little tanks partly because I know how much I have 
learned from trying things myself.

-Tony, in Philly where it is currently snowing big 
giant flakes, none of which are sticking...Yet.