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nickel allergy and Flourish


According to the patch testing done by my dermatologist, I have a "contact
allergy to nickel".  It is also called contact dermatitis.  It is
characterized by an ugly, red, scaly, itchy rash that covers my eyelids,
face, neck and shoulders and swelling around my eyes (my eyes have swollen
completely shut once) and my skin starts coming off in sheets.  Very
attractive.  Not dangerous or life threatening it just feels and kind of
looks like I scrunched up my face and covered it in strapping tape.  I look
like an extra from a Hollywood Special Effects group :)  I can clear it up
with prescription medication.  It is a total pain however, nickel is
everywhere!  Chromium (used in almost all  eye makeup) contains small
amounts of nickel as does cobalt.  Makeup with chromium has me at the above
description in 7 days tops.  Antabuse (disulfiram) also has small amounts,
but I have no idea what that even is.

According to the dermatologist, typically the dilution of Flourish (20 mL,
twice a week, 92 gallon tank) should not be a problem for people with this
problem but with my sensitivity level, she recommended I wear gloves or not
use it.  

Thanks to everyone who has responded.  Just to keep this on topic,  when my
eyes are swollen shut, I can't see to prune the plants in my tank!!


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