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Re: rosefolia-more experiences

Lynn emailed me the following:

"I bought one of these guys off of you around 2 years ago, when you were
still in CA.
It eventually became too immense for my tank!! Very long typical strap-like
leaves of a sword, not very long petioles. Color was a red-purple, and the
veins were not pronounced. If I dosed FE in the water column, I did get a
more purpley color. >>If I neglected my tank (no ferts) then the color was
more olive green with some red, like a crypt color.<< Eventually this guy
got to be so big that when I removed it from my tank, it fit very nicely
into one of those storage bins that you slide under the bed! I did not have
anything else to hold it for a day before I went to the LFS. Now its living
in a show tank at the LFS. Of course it doesn't look as good as when it
lived with me!!
In their tank its beginning to show signs of deficiencies. The veins are
becoming pale and older leaves are dissolving around the edges. In their
tank it is an olive green/red also. I always wondered if it was capable of

This olive green-red is what the plants look like when I buy them wholesale.
I find it interesting that it reverts back to this color with a iron
difficiencey. I am still amazed I was selling red horemanii all this time
and didn't even know it!

Robert Paul Hudson
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