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Re: Algae poll

I too have had this algae (I call it green dust), but in my 29 gallon 
low-light low-tech tank - standard eclipse 2 hood; gravel only substrate, 
the only thing I put in beside fish food is flourish excel. It had gotten to 
the point where I'd clean the tank and it would be back the next day - the 
fastest growing thing in the tank by a long shot.

I don't have a uv sterilizer but got good results by changing the order of 
how I did my water changes; now I siphon out a litle, so I can clean the 
tank without major sloshing. Then I wipe it all off. Then I do the water 
change - usually around 50%. The algae has receeded to the point where it 
takes about 10 days to become annoying - which works well as a water change 
indicator for that tank.

I'm sure a uv sterilizer would knock it out completely, but right now I'm 
saving my money for another 55watts and a new enclosure on my 72.


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