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Re: Kasselman Cover Plant

Neil wrote:
"...who, for the time being, is not ready to challenge Kasselmann and is
still using Eusteralis."

Hehehehe, I didn't say that we shouldn't use the name, just that it would
help to also look for care instructions under the various Pogostemon species
as well, because depending upon the author, the same plant might be
classified under either generic name.

But, if its "expert to expert"......lets add another one to the fray.
Christopher D.K. Cook, the source cited by Tropica for their nomenclature
and taxonomy, published The Aquatic Plant Book in 1996.

On page 110, under Lamiaceae (= Labiatae), he says that there are 180 genera
(the other sources  all claimed over 200, I guess it depends on where you
draw the family boundaries). The entry for Pogostemon shows both Dysophylla
and Eusteralis as synonyms. However, the entry for Pogogyne says that the 5
species in that genus are excluded from Eusteralis and Pogostemon (which
just adds to the confusion - in one breath Eusteralis is a synonym of
Pogostemon and in the next it is a stand alone genus???).

James Purchase