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Re: Otos and Algae

Chuck H said about Otos:

> I suspect they go after everything in the "mat" whether it's algae, 
> bacterial film, or micro fauna.  These little guys seem to be
> omnivorous 
> for the most part.  

Could be, but I have sen the work on cler glass when there was (I'll
admit it) a variety of algae present elsewhere.  Upon further
reflection, I suppose my original comment wasn't well thought out. 
Better to have asked:

What are they attracted to eat -- instinctively or -- god bless their
little brains -- cognitively?
What provides them their needed nutrition?

It occurs to me that algae might not figure into either answer, or one
or both.

> I can't talk them into eating hair algae, though.

Do cat(fish) get hair (algae) balls?

Scott H.

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