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Re: Kasselman Cover Plant

James Purchase wrote:

>OK - several references, while not necessarily "specific" regarding
>stellata, they do cover the generic names Eusteralis and Pogostemon:

Thanks James. I will check them out. You can also add "Freshwater plants of
Papua New Guinea" by G.J.Leach &  P.L. Osborne, but this book was published
in 1985  

>James L. Reveal, Professor Emeritus of the Norton-Brown Herbarium, is a real
>stickler for "procedure" in the naming of various plants and the use of
>those names........The latest update to
>the online list is 07 January 2001 and nowhere is the genus Eusteralis
>mentioned, although Pogostemon Desf. (1815) is listed as having been validly

I quickly checked out the one above. I also could not find the genus

who, for the time being, is not ready to challenge Kasselmann and is still
using Eusteralis.