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Re: E rosaefolia

>>In 1990, I am pretty sure I obtained the same plant from Gasser. He gave
to me as red horemanii. More correctly, I got it from his wife Marge who
tended after all the Echinodorus.  Bob was in charge of the crypts and
everything else. Now that Robert H mentioned it, I vaguely remember the
Gassers using the trade name rosefolia.<<

Thats interesting. I knew someone like you Neil would have more of an inside
scoop on Gasser! I also discovered I mis-spelled it, it is rosefolia as you

>>At that time, he also raised the green horemanii, which was sold under the
trade name of "jade sword." <<

These are actually much easier to get in the trade, and The term "Jade
sword" is clearly always listed with horemanii.

>>Here is an older picture of a few larger red horemanii (aka roseafolia) in
my 75gal tank.<<

Yeah, your pic pretty much looks like mine, except the leaves on mine are
more narrow. I wouldn't exactly call it translucent, but definetly a very
dark red

What is interesting is that I can get both Gasser's rosefolia and "red
horemanii" from the same supplier, but the Red horemanii costs quite a bit

>>According to the latest Echindorus taxonomy, both
of these plants would be called E. uruguayensis. In this grouping, the leaf
width and length can vary depending on the original site.<<

Well I have grown uruguayensis before, and while I have read in APD over the
years before that uruguayensis and horemanii are one and the same, I see
distinct differences. Mine got quite large, but the leaves themselves were
much narrower, and consistently every time I have purchased the plant.
Really not any wider than a Crinum. And the suppliers that sell rosefolia
and horemanii also sell uruguayensis. Three different plants, three
different prices, and each have a distinctive look. Are they different
varities or come from different strains? What would make Gasser's horemanii
different from any other horemanii?  One grower once told me that there is a
narrow leaf uruguayensis and a wide leaf uruguayensis variety. Is this true,
or the imagination of the grower?

Robert Paul Hudson