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Re: powdery algae

Well Tony, 

I've apparently got it too.  It has showed up in the
last few days.  I didn't know what you meant until
described how it sweeps away in the water.  It shows
up as a green spot or fine film on the glass and a
bright green film on Ludwigia leaves.  It is not
filementous.  Kind of whisps away when scrubbed.  Does
that sound like it?  

I think it got worse and started growing on plants
because I was lax about nitrate and phosphate testing.
My nitrates tested at zero yesterday.  Some staghorn
even showed up, a sure sign of deficiency.  What are
your conditions like?  

I guess I can plug the sterilizer back in, but I'm
sure that some of it was there even when it was on. 
Killed the grey slime though.  Anything else must be
cake.  As long as I keep up the macros, I doubt I'll
have a problem from now on.  

Later, Cavan

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