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Potting soil

Diana Walsted in her book on the aquarium suggests that if garden soil was
not used beneath the gravel layer (She seems to feel garden soil is superior
to laterite), you could add it to an established aquarium by putting it in
packets of wax paper and burying it beneath the gravel.

I'd like to try this, but am apprehensive about using commercial potting
soil.  I checked out Scott's potting soil and the ingredients were all
natural componenets, but the soil itself was stated to be basic , but they
said something about a hydroxide chemical raising the pH of the mixture.
This seemed rather strange as no chemical was listed in the ingredients.  My
own soil is laced with rose food, systemic insecticides, etc,, and is
unsuitable, so I have to use something commercial.

Can anyone suggest a particular brand of potting soil which is safe to use?

Thanks in advance.

Tom Zaccone