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E rosaefolia

Some of you folks out there over the past year have bought the Sword plant
E. rosaefolia from me and have asked what kind of sword is it, where does it
come from. I have never known the answer to that question until now...

This is a cultivar that was developed by Robert Gasser. Most of the old time
plant nuts know who Mr. Gasser is. Now retired, this gentleman during his
hay day in the 70s and 80s cultivated his own plants, most noteably
Cryptocorynes and had a thriving business producing high quality plants.

This plant as far as I know is not produced by Florida Aquatic Nurseries, or
any plant producer abroad, but is only available thru a couple of smaller
growers in Florida who bought out Gassers inventory, one of which I do
business with. The characteristics of the plant are tall narrow leaves that
turn a very dark solid red. You can see a picture here:

It is a slow growing plant that turns more red as it ages and grows. It
starts as a very dark blackish green with a red tinge, and over a period of
months becomes more of a dark red. This picture from Patricia Ceger was
taken a year after she purchased it from me.

I would like feedback from other people who have bought this plant and
observations of it's growth pattern. I would like to better document how
this unique plant grows under various condtions. If you have information to
share, please email it to me, or discuss it here if you wish.

Best regards

Robert Paul Hudson
Looking forward to Brian Perkins lecture!