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Re: Large Rock = Anaerobic Substrate???

don wrote:
> Well, a way to make certain is to move the gravel away from the intended
> site and set the rock on the tank bottom. Move the gravel back and you're
> set.
> I have to do this for cichlid tanks anyway, and it's just habit to do it in
> all situations. After all, I live in earthquake country and a falling rock
> could burst a tank. Burying it and putting its weight on the bottom of the
> tank reduces/eliminates that risk. And the bonus is no anaerobic compacted
> areas of gravel.
> DonT

I thought about that, but my substrate is about 4" deep. That would
cover almost 2/3 the height of the rock. The one benefit of having a
rock on the substrate is that the weight is distributed over a much
larger area than if it is sitting directly on the glass also.

Jerry Baker