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Re: Algae

Ok, Ok, I knew I should have just lurked! Now I am obligated to reply of
course, which is not as much fun as lurking and a whole lotta work to be
truthful. Ok, here it is. I of course am a firm believer in the fact that
the main reason for the growth of algae is always a surplus of phosphorus
and nitrogen in the water, which is almost
always due to the presence of too many fish in relation to the number of
plants present ( referring to the Tropica article, look for aquaristic link
at top, then read algae article), I have much more plants than fish and I
also stagger my feedings from one to two to three to none on an eight day
schedule so it is never the same any given day of any week and never
overfeed! Also a natural condition for fish as they are always on the hunt
for food and never know when they will eat again. (Please don't rebut that,
this is too much like work!) I do aquascaping for a living and use the same
methods with my customers, stressing underfeeding rather than over and have
no noticable algae in their tanks either. I do use an Ancistrus White Seam
or Spotted Bristlenose that probably attacks any algae that remains or
lingers. I also use a neutral PH and do water changes every 10 days. I use a
biological filter medium and use the same tap water found in my area for
every tank I do. (No chemical analysis will be forthcoming) I also use a DIY
CO2 system. I came across the information on the www.dennerle.de site, it is
only found on the German version and you will have to hunt for it, you can
use Alta Vistas translation tool. I came across it because I have permission
from Dennerle to use their aquascapes and trademark commercially. All Iknow,
is it works for me! Have a great day! Don  P.S. I would like to thank all
who e-mailed me, hope this helps more. Now can I go back to lurking?