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No Subject

Poll to the group:

How often do you have to scrape the front glass of 
your tanks?

The reason I am asking is, in both of my high-input 
tanks, it seems like I need to scrape off a "powdery" 
green algae off the front glass EVERY DAY!!  I 
describe it as powdery because when I scrape it off, 
it seems to breakup into a powdery cloud in the tank 

It is starting to depress me that I come home from 
work, and see my two beautiful tanks through 
a "green" filter!  It is definitely not GW as the 
water is crystal clear.  The only other alga in the 
larger tank is some green spot on older leaves and a 
little bit of BBA (despite my 8 young SAEs - I think 
they're spoiled on pellets and frozen food!).  Tank 
age is about 6-7 months.  The new tank (<1month) has 
no other algae at present.  I just installed my 8 
watt UV on the return from my Eheim in the larger 
tank to see if this has any effect.

Other digest members have told me they think that 
scraping the glass is normal for high-tech tanks, but 
I am curious to see what everyone else has 
experienced, and if this "powdery" algae is normal.