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Re: algae

> The tank is a 120g with 2-250W 6500K metal halide lights and dupla CO2 system.
> I have been doing ~25% weekly water changes.  I dose with 50ml TMG and 1/4-1/2
> tsp KNO3 at water change and another 25ml TMG and 1/4 KNO3 at midweek.  PH is
> ~6.5.   I am assuming I have some sort of nutrient deficiency but do not know
> what it is. 

Not much KNO3 for the tank with 500 watts on it. I add more than this to a
20 gallon tank. Try 3/4 - 1 teaspoon after a 50% water change. Then add 3/4
or so after. Add K+ also.
I'd just go in and scrape off all you can well once, lightly vacuum up all
the detritus or use a fine net to remove some also, then do the large water
change and add the KNO3 back. PO4 additions might help. Otto cats and
Ancistrus are similar, they are not going after it so it's something besides
the normal diatom outbreak. What's your KH?
After you do large rearrangements, always do a nice water change there
Tom Barr

 I have searched the archives but have yet to find any info which
> sounds similar.    The tank is stocked with ~20 cardinals, 2 med angels, 5
> corys, 4 ancistrus, 2 SAE, and 4 kribs.  The fish have good color and the
> kribs have been breeding so I would guess that the water quality is ok (for
> fish anyway).
> Any help would be appreciated!!
> Thanks,
> Will