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Re: ameca splendens

> Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 05:03:33 -0500
> From: David Modine <modine at erols_com>
> Subject: ameca splendens
> After reading good reports on these little fish, I went to several LFS's
> yesterday to inquire about availability.
> No one had heard of them.

Stores don't use (or even grasp) scientific names. They order only by
"common name" which is a huge problem with less common fish, such as killies
and Goodeids.

> I assume these fish are not too popular because they don't have much
> color.

Wrong. They are fairly gaudy, with irridescent sparkle scales on the male's
sides, and a brilliant yellow stripe around the outer caudal margin set off
by a black stripe. Females have an intricate black pattern on their
otherwise pale sides. They have little "sparkle."

Like *J. floridae* they need lots of veggies, so may look pretty poor in a
store that doesn't understand their needs.

> Has anyone in the Washington DC / Baltimore area ever seen them offered
> in a store in this area?
> Or are they available by mail order?
> David Modine

The "Butterfy Goodeid" (*Ameca splendens*) is not common in the trade. Here
in N. CA, Ocean Aquarium (SF) is the only store that usually seems to have
them. You might check with the local Livebearer clubs for when they will
have shows, as they do usually appear, there.

Be advised that they can be tough on tank mates under some conditions
(despite claims they are peaceful). These are not your usual peaceful
mollies, by any stretch. YMMV. Behaviour is more like pupfish, but without
as much territoriality between males. [They are way nicer to tankmates than
some other Goodeids, tho.]


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