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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1589

Hey Gang,

William Polak wrote:
<<However, my question is - what could be
causing my cryptocoryne willisii leaves to turn red.
The plants seem to be fine and some are sending up
little plantlets, but all the new leaves are red. None
of my other plants are turning red except my
polysperma and the R. macranda which are supposed to.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.>>

William, this is exactly what is supposed to happen to
your C. willisii. The plant you got originally was 
probably light green with pink bases to the stems.
They also had narrower leaves that were shaped
differently. That is the form of the plant that grows
above water or "emerse".

The submerse growth of this plant has olive to
red-brown leaves with olive to black striations and
red to violet undersides. *very* attractive. Submerse
growth should be considerably larger than the previous
growth as well. There probably isn't a hardier crypto
for our use, IMO.....At least among the hardiest of
Cryptocoryne sp. 

If you wanted a green plant, you should look

John Wheeler

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