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Re: Overdriving standard 40w bulbs

I can't speak as someone that has investigated the circuit topology,
but I believe that the "Overdrivers" club has discovered the way that
IceCaps can work with some many different bulbs (NOs, HOs, VHOs). 
Besides a few wiring diffences for different numbers of bulbs, with
lower watt-rated bulbs, an IceCap simply overdrives them.  You can
even, so IceCap says, run a pair of 20 watt, 2 foot standard
fluorescents on a Model 430 ballast or swap them out for 2 each 4-foot

If you run the 20 watt bulbs on a 430, they will get awfully and the
higher heat will give a little bit better ionization in the bulb, and
hence, more light.  But you better have a fan handy, or a stack of
bulbs.  And the filaments will evaporate and blacken the ends of the
tubes much quicker than when run at normal amperage.  

If this is how it works with the IceCap, than a more moderately priced
Fulham, Advance, etc., will do the same.

Scott H.

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