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Re: Plants in Eclipse 12

I don't see why your friend would have a problem. I have 4 ten gallon tanks with 1.5 watts. I have java ferns growing out of the top of one and bolbitis going crazy in another. Beautiful crypts in both and one more. A nice rubin sword in another. Dark red. Well growing anubias in a couple of tanks.  Corkscrew Val doing well in one. The tank with the bolbitis also has a Hygro 'Tropic Sun' I have to prune every week and a crypt wendtii with leaves all the way to the surface and then lay several inches along the surface and curl back down. Gotta HAVE CO2 though. :-)

>>>>Hello.. A friend of mine got a new Eclipse System 12 Gallon Aquarium and 
wanting to fill it with live plants. I told her she didnt have enough light
to have live plants but she is adamant..So, could someone please advise 
1. Is there a remedy for the poor lighting such as a replacement CF or ???
2. What slow growing plants do people use in this type of tank ? 3. Would
Laterite or some such help even with such low lighting ? Thanks in advance
for all help !
The people on this list have helped me immensely in the past and once again
I need all your expert advice :O)
Charles Anderton
Ft. Worth, Texas<<<<

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