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CO2 regulators from ebay

I didn't think it would return anything, but I was wrong. I did a search on 
e-bay for "regulator +co2" (without the quotes) and it returned many 
results. Several of them looked like they might be acceptable for use in 
our application, this one in particular;


It claims to be a two stage regulator, and appears to include a metering 
valve of some sort. While the 0 to 60 psig output range may be a little 
high for some tastes, with the appropriate valve it should pose no problem. 
The CGA fitting (the one that screws into the cylinder valve) will need to 
be changed, but that is a pretty simple process.

By the way, the Victor regulator I converted is working nicely. The two 
stage regulator cost me $18, shipping and all, and I paid less than $6 for 
the CGA fitting for CO2. I will probably get a Whitey valve from Swagelok 
(about $20) to replace the plastic aquarium air valve I am using now, just 
to make adjustments easier. They make a valve with a Cv of 0.080 that will 
do nicely, I believe.

As always, consult a professional before using any equipment in purposes 
other that manufacturers intent. Be safe, not sorry (or worse).

Standard disclaimers here.

Douglas Guynn
	dguynn at nwol_net

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