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Re: CO2 at lower lighting

> When Klaus Christensen (Tripica, DK) visited us a couple of years ago he
> insisted that the most beneficial thing one could to to a planted
> aquarium, even a low light one, was to introduce CO2.

I agree and have independently found this to be true from a practical
>  Klaus was adamant
> that CO2 was more beneficial then additional light or other nutirents.

Again, I agree.

> That said, one can achieve the balance at almost any light level,
> although without CO2 it's far easier at lower levels.

Again, I agree. Folks seem to buy the lights first, then get iron and
nutrients next, then they fight , kick, scream and whine to no end about not
using CO2, or getting around it. I'm always amazed at the reasons folks do
not get CO2 or do not want to use it but have no problem rationalizing a
100-400$ lighting PC set up when the NO T-8's and T-12s work although
bigger. I agree that CO2 is the single best thing for helping a plant tank
in most cases.

Tom Barr