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The Plant Formerly Known As Eusteralis and EDTA

I have the "real" Eusteralis stellata/Pogostemon stellatus and the shoots 
used to die from time to time. I have not experienced this after I began 
adding EDTA to my tanks about six weeks ago. When I do water changes I add 
1g Na2EDTA per 100 liters of new water, and because EDTA is degraded by time 
the actual concentrations in my aquariums are less than 0.1ppm. The stem 
plants have really improved growth after I began adding EDTA, so I guess 
iron was of poor availability before this. The few stalks of Glossostigma 
elatinoides transformed into a nice green carpet in 3-4 weeks. Other plants 
that have shown lusher growth are Cabomba caroliniana, C. furcata, 
Eleocharis acicularis, Hemianthus micrathemoides (Thank you, Loh!), 
Hydrotriche hottoniiflora, Micrathemum umbrosum, Rotala indica and Rotala 
sp. 'Green'.

The only stem plant still growing slowly is Hygrophila stricta, maybe due to 
soft water (KH and GH about 4dH). I add CO2 to my tanks, and lightings are 
in the higher range. Also add macro nutrients (but P) and iron (Ferrogan). 
Fish loads and feedings are pretty high, but I have no big algae problems.

Per Gunnar

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