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Re: Dupla Armatur (Dupla Regulator ) HELP

> My problem is that the knurled knob on the Dupla Regulator ahs to be
backed out a little ever morning to increase the bubbles to the right amount
and it stays that way all day (14hours atleast) but when I check it in the
morning the bubbles have slowed to about 1 per 4sec. from 2 per sec. the
night before.
> TheDupla Armatur (Dupla Regulator) that I have does not have a gauge on it
and seems to be nonadjustable.

Sounds like your regulator might be fairly temperature sensitive.  I've been
using a BOC 6000 regulator, which includes a tank pressure guage, and has a
fixed 200kpa output pressure, along with a Nupro 'S' metering valve (from
NSW valve and fitting).  They work fairly well on my 350 litre tank - I'm
able to adjust down to about 1 bubble per second, and it stays that way all

The regulator with guage was $70 aus and the metering valve was $100.


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