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Re: CO2

> Thomas Barr said, in small part, about CO2 reactors and the effect of
> gravity:
>> Generally, having a shorter "out" tube and a longer
>> "in"
>> tube is better.
> [["Out" meaning from the tank into the reactor pump? and "In" meaning
> from the reactor and back into the tank?]]]

Effluent. I don't think of the siphon tube leading into a filter as the
"out" tube:) Perhaps some do. It is a little ambiguous:)
>> That's the design I use on a sump model which is
>> about as
>> good as it gets for CO2 reactor designs. It allows high flow and low
>> pressure drop.
> With the CO2 reactor pump in the sump, since the sump water is "open"
> to the atmosphere, the benefits of gravity on the siphon don't help
> push against the head pressure in the return-to-tank hose from the CO2
> reactor and pump.

Well any "depth" in the return does create a tad bit of back pressure
depending on depth. Having it at as little head pressure as possible(eg at
the surface or slightly below the water line) is about best for this.
Another way is to have a larger return tube/outlet hole. This would remove
some of the pressure in the chamber. At high capacity the chamber limit
might be exceeded more than a return hole that is smaller.

>  Or is the functional design of the sump models
> different than that of your hang-on-tank reactors( pump in water sucks
> CO2 and Water, pushes mix into reactor, return pipe guides CO2 rich
> water back to tank) ?


>  Or is the sump sealed and under pressure from
> the siphon?


The sump design is like what's on the site. It's the large 3ft+ reactor.

www.spectrumsdesignplastics.com "pet products"

 It's just downsized to 12-16inches range. There's no return line. At the
bottom, it simply goes back into the water. I have a cheapy design for folks
who don't need to look at the gas levels etc. It's made out of PVC. I'll
send something to the Krib.com hopefully.

The HOB types have to push the water back up into the tank. Sumps types
don't. The only resistance is going in, none coming out.

Tom Barr
> Scott H.