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Echinodorus compacta

The discussion of Echinodorus compacta and E. parviflorus is very timely 
for me as I was looking at mail order web sites yesterday to order some of 
both for a new tank that's in the LFS waiting for me right now.  What 
stopped me from placing an order was that some of the websites seems to 
have pictures that are exactly backwards of what I expected each of these 
plants to be.  Since Tom Wood says that he has gotten Echinodorus compacta 
from Arizona Gardens and it is a small sword that stays at about 6", has 
anyone else gotten the E. parviflorus they sell, and is it a plant that 
stays at 2" or less?  Since they have an order minimum, I'd have to order 
both plants from them to make their minimum, but I want far more of the 2" 
plants than of the 6" plants and don't want to get them backwards.  If not 
AZ, does anyone know of another source for both where I could be sure which 
is which?

Ellen O'Connell
Parker, CO
mailto:oconnel4 at ix_netcom.com