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Michigan skeeter getters

From: Tdhenson86 at aol_com
Subject: Fish in Michigan????????????????????

       What types of fish in Michigan would be good for a pond to control 
insects and algae?  Off topic, but I hope someone can answer this.  Thanks! >>

Lived in Michigan all my life and have looked after a bunch of ponds - I 
don't think any fish can out perform the various "bluegill" species or the 
"sunfish" species for mosquito eradication. Plus they taste good. Various 
species of minnows will also work. I've never seen a pond free of what we 
call silver or shiner minnows but never heard of anybody seeding a pond with 
them either. They must appear by magic.
Scott S 
In Michigan - Where the motto Winter Wonderland has just come back with a