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Re: Phosphate limitation of algae

>  > From: "Doug Karpa-Wilson" <dkarpawi at indiana_edu>
>>  Subject: phosphate and algae?
>>  I know it's the received wisdom that phosphate will limit algal growth,


>In _most_ natural FW environments.

I'll have to take a look at the aquatic ecosystem literature, that's 
a great idea.  One thing is that tanks are not link regular 
freshwater environments, so I  wonder to what extent they're really 
comparable.  I find Roger Miller's results with the vallisneria 
interesting, to be sure. I suppose that there's a lot of experience 
out there that hasn't been codified, but that suggests that this idea 
isn't totally bunk.  Someone would have noticed by now if it had no 
effect since I suppose many of you all have some kind of phosphate