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Re: Echinodorus compacta

    * From: "Tom Wood" <tomwood2 at flash_net>

Paul wrote:

"Richard Sexton kindly added my picture of E. parviflorus to his Aquaria.net
images.  It is at
http://images.aquaria.net/plants/Echinodorus/parviflorus/ "

Tom wrote:

I don't think this is really e. parviflorous, unless there are some wildly
different versions. I have:


I would post a link to the azgardens picture of e. robustus that they also
call e. compacta, but their website keeps locking up on me. In any case, it
looks like a small version of a regular amazon sword and doesn't have the
stems at the base of the leaves like that in the top picture, nor do they
get that big.

(Paul, again):

I looked up Arizona Garden's picture of E. robustus, and it was taken from
Pablo Tepoot's book, and is a picture of EMERSE grown E. blehri v.
"Robustus".  There is no picture of the submersed grown plant, and I bet it
would be a lot taller.

My E. parviflorus is the original, or wild type of E. parviflorus, whereas
Tropia is selling a cultivar that came from Singapore or Sri Lanka and
which has a much more compact growth.  It is my humble opinion that the
leaves look a little unhealthy and distorted.  My point has been that the
wild type E. parviflorus is a pretty plant that has the same form as the
larger amazon swords, but adapts its size to the small aquarium much
better.  The wild-type parviflorus is almost unknown in trade these days,
although it does reproduce readily, as can be seen in my picture.

Paul Krombholz in chilly, central Mississippi, with frost this morning.