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Re: AllGlass Light Fixtures

Jerry Baker wrote:

> You might be interested in the practice of "overdriving" bulbs. I found
> a particularly interesting page about this here:
> http://www.aquariumpros.ca/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=90 Make
> sure to read the whole thread.
> In summary, this guy discovered that you can use a regular old
> electronic T8 bllast from your local hardware store to overdrive a
> regular T8 bulb to near VHO output levels for about $30 CDN per bulb.

Wow! This is so cool! The way that he had his overdriven bulbs wired is
EXACTLY the same way that I realized I needed to do it. The only
difference is that I am currently running two NO tubes on one
high-powered electronic ballast, and overdriving them to produce more
light. I actually did run the test of putting ALL FOUR leads through one
lamp, and it worked fine. I was just too chicken to leave it that way,
so I split it between two tubes. It did produce even more light yet, and
I could wire it that way if it was really necessary.

Now I have just purchased a second ballast, so I have two ballasts each
overdriving two NO tubes. I am not nearly as sophisticated as Victor
was. I don't have equipment to measure light output and wattage input
and the like, but my impression is that I am getting about double the
lumens from each lamp. That would put my tanks in the 2.5 to 3.0
Watts/gallon range. I can tell you, though, that my plants were happy
before, now they are ecstatic!

This hobby is teaching me so many interesting things. First, Tom Barr
had to teach me some chemistry, now I have to learn electronics, all the
while practicing economy. Next project - plumbing. :-)


Ed Dumas