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cyanobacteria question

I have a quick question about cyanobacteria. I have an outbreak in my old
tank of what appears to be black cyanobacteria. I've never seen it this
colour, but it looks and grows just like it. I wanted to put a few plants
from the contaminated tank to the new tank so I cleaned them off as well as
I could and put them in the dark for a week. I put them in the new tank a
couple of days ago and it looks as though the algae wasn't completely killed
off. My first thought was that because the tank is new and only has one fish
in it, maybe it would die off... but I don't want to risk having this tank
overrun. Does cyanobacteria come in black? Should the dark have killed it?
I'm planning to pick up some EM tabs to get rid of it once and for all (I've
been trying a blackout on the old tank without success) Sound like a good