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Re: AllGlass Light Fixtures

Ed Dumas wrote:
> Lo and behold, I discovered that the high powered electronic ballasts
> doesn't immediately blow out the normal output tubes like I thought it
> would. They are driving them quite nicely, and in fact I am getting
> about twice the light output from each tube that I was getting from a
> standard magnetic ballast. Even if the tubes last only three months
> each, at the price, they are immensely more affordable than running
> VHO's.

You might be interested in the practice of "overdriving" bulbs. I found
a particularly interesting page about this here:
http://www.aquariumpros.ca/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=90 Make
sure to read the whole thread.

In summary, this guy discovered that you can use a regular old
electronic T8 bllast from your local hardware store to overdrive a
regular T8 bulb to near VHO output levels for about $30 CDN per bulb.

Jerry Baker