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blue green algae problem

I am trying to decide how to attack my blue green problem.  Either try
antibiotics or a blackout?  I have some new plants so I am afraid of doing a
blackout right now and I sorta hate to do the antibiotic because I don't
want to screw with my biological filtration.  Can someone give me some
advice?  Manual removal is not possible, it is getting pretty extreme.  I
have cut back on the fertilizers this week and done a lot of water changes
but it isn't working.  I can keep it off the substrate and the walls but it
is all in my fine leafed plants and I can't do anything about it.
Someone recommended Erythromycin.  Can someone tell me what the dosage would
be for a 135gal?
Someone else recommended Maracyn (sp?).  That is pretty expensive around
Do antibiotics hurt snails or shrimp?  And do I remove the carbon from my

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